Casino Gift for Christmas


Gifts do not have to be unimaginative or contribute to unnecessary consumption. With these few gift ideas, you can bring joy – and make a small contribution to a better world at the same time. But there is always the back up plan to invite all to play Bizzo Casino with you.

There is a huge discussion going on about whether it is still okay to give yourself presents at Christmas, and if so, with what. Sure, there is a lot of consumer fetishism involved. But let us be honest: Once you sit under the fair, borrowed or saved Christmas tree alternative and tear the sustainable wrapping paper, many people feel good about it.

Of course, you can give your loved ones time instead of something purchased, for example – or homemade gifts. 


Casino Gift for Christmas

1. Shaktimat acupressure mats: Relax more fairly

Who do you wish had a little more serenity? With an acupressure mat you can present your loved ones with a relaxation method according to Indian tradition. Such a mat contains several thousand small points on which you lie backwards. It stings a little at first, but then it is supposed to help your body and mind relax.

Shakti’s acupressure mats are made by women in India. According to the manufacturer, they get paid twice the going rate in India, health care, indefinite leave, and scholarship programs for their daughters.

2. Utopia seasonal calendar: sustainable and seasonal cooking

See at a glance how to eat seasonally and store food best throughout the year. The two useful Utopia posters make ideal kitchen wall or fridge displays, and the handy new Utopia wall calendar also gives you useful tips, tricks and seasonal recipes. PS: Each product supports reforestation projects. So that is something you should definitely keep in mind.

3. Rankwerk: Seeds for bees, bumblebees and more

Casino Gift for Christmas

The gift idea for all plant lovers – whether for your own garden or your balcony at home. At Rankwerk you will find Demeter-certified organic seed boxes.

With these, the recipient plants an environment in which bumblebees, bees & Co feel at home. In this way, the gift can contribute to the preservation of our biodiversity. For your own palate, Rankwerk also offers spice and salad seed sets. And the best thing is you can enjoy it through the entire year.

4. Soulbottles: Aesthetic alternative to plastic bottles

Soulbottles drinking bottles

Drinking bottles are great gifts because you often pick them up during the day. For this very reason, many people also attach importance to aesthetics when buying them. The manufacturer Soulbottles not only attaches great importance to sustainability, but also to design. The various artistic decorations come from collaborations with artists around the world. Thus, you can choose the most suitable look for the person receiving the gift.

Soulbottles uses BPA-free natural rubber for the plastic part and supports the non-profit organization Viva con Agua.

5. SoulSpice: gift boxes with fair trade spices

With the fair, because they directly traded organic spices from SoulSpice, you can give your loved ones the perfect finishing touch for home-cooked meals. The assortment includes Christmas products, but also special spices from Indian or Oriental cuisine.

According to the manufacturer, 50 percent of the profits generated flow back into local development projects in the producing countries.