8 Tricks to win at online slots

8 Tricks to win at online slots strategy 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions from people playing slots at an online casino is Are there any tricks for winning at Slot machines?

Here you will find the list of the most up-to-date slot casinos no deposit bonuses that millionaireweb has identified at various online casinos with slots to win at.

Millionaireweb.co.uk only looks for Slot siteswith the best offers to get the no deposit bonus. This way you can play in all the best online slot casinos available on our Italian territory. Check our list well if you decide to try your luck and discover the casinos where you can play to win slots without deposit.

Millionaireweb.co.uk always studies and tests all the no deposit offers on our site provided by online casinos with Slots. We select only the best slot offers.

First trick to win at slots: Sign up and get free bonus

All present slot bonuses become available immediately after registering an account, but most slot bonuses are available only to new customers and not to those who already have an active account.

A practical example is 888casino (read reviews here), which immediately after registration gives a €20 bonus that can be used without any kind of deposit.

Online casinos with slots usually promote slot machines with free spins, but, they usually do not make you use the welcome bonus, so evaluate well, they can also offer free bonus credits.


  • Create an account
  • Fill out the information
  • If you are happy with the terms and conditions, you can create an account on the various Slot Casinos . but remember that no-deposit bonuses are only for new players.

Second trick to winning at slots: Confirm your identity

Confirm your identity

Apply for account approval and confirmation!

To win at slots, you need more than just the free bonus; you need some basic parameters:

Deposit to reach a certain number of spins on slots;

Confirming identity can unlock other bonuses for use with Slots;

Casino must inform you that your casino account has been approved and activated, which means you can add funds to play Slots;

Third trick to win at Slots: Choose slots with 95% RTP; these.

RTP means (Return To Player ) and describes the percentage of the amount a slot machine returns to players based on the number of spins played.  For example:

A slot with an RTP of 98% will return € 98 for every € 100 in spins. Thus, in 100 spins the hope is to activate the “free spins” bonuses.

This percentage explains how much you can play to recover the amount wagered at a particular slot game.

Slots with RTPs above 90% are these:

  • 888’s Slots (click here to sign up)
  • Snai’s Slots (click here to sign up)
  • Sisal’s Slots (click here to sign up)
  • Mega Joker RTP 99% you can find it on Snai
  • Jackpot 6000 RTP 98.8% you will find it on Starcasino
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas RTP 98% you will find it on Snai
  • Monopoly on the Money RTP 98% you will find it on 888
  • Starmania RTP 97% you can find it on 888

Fourth trick to win at slots: Keep playing with minimum amounts

To win at Slots it is preferable to play small amounts. the most frequent wins are usually small, most of the time being less than or equal to the amount you play multiplied by the win lines. Much less frequent is a combination of symbols, The more spins the more likely you are to hit the jackpot.

Our biggest advice is to always use small amounts and minimum amounts because your odds will be better, 9 times out of 10 when you play a high amount in a slot, you will lose more and it will be difficult to unlock jackpots or free spins. It is usually best to play 10Cents a spin.

Casino with Minimum Amount Slots:

  • 888’s Slots (click here to sign up)
  • Starcasino’s Slots (click here to sign up)
  • Sisal’s Slots (click here to sign up)

Fifth trick to winning at slots: Don’t change slots

This is one of the most common mistakes of when trying to win at slots, quitting the slot after a few spins with no wins.

Slots are software with programmed winnings after a set number of spins, the slot will pay out sooner or later, the scatters the bonuses the jackpots the free spins are unlocked after a number of spins, if you have already made a dozen or so spins without winning continue even in small amounts, usually after 100 spins some free spins come out, and the bonuses that are triggered can pay out much more than the amount wagered up to that point.

The outcome is already decided the moment you press that spin button.

Many people think that stopping the reel early will affect the outcome in some way,

There is no reason for this action to affect the outcome of the slot. If you have a limited budget or play slots with minimal amounts, there is no clear advantage to letting the reels finish their set spins or stopping it early

Many slot players like to quickly stop the reels with a low bet. But if you’re trying to increase your chances of winning or stop the reels for a win, all you’re doing is seeing the outcome a little faster. So there is no advantage.

Sixth trick to winning at slots: Spot bonuses and Scatters

Spot bonuses and Scatters

There are many types of slots and they differ in certain features. These include:

  • Wild symbols;
  • Scatter symbols;
  • Progressive Jackpots.

Wild Symbols:Slot machines with Wild symbols can be more challenging than others. But once you know how to spot them, it will allow you to better understand how and when you win at the slot. Many beginner players give up after a few spins, while more experienced players will learn how to identify Wild symbols and master the Slot. Pay attention to the red circles and green lights on the reels.

Scatter symbols: in slots are a key part of winning at slots in general. they allow players to activate the famous free spins, which are nothing more than high bonus mini-games.

The hope is to have two or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, at which time the player will receive several bonus rounds, they can range from 5 to dozens. When these bonus rounds are activated, free spins or multipliers are triggered, which greatly increase the chances of winning.

 Progressive jackpots In Slots, internal progressive jackpots are linked to multiple machines and can reach impressive and larger numbers than in individual slots. Winning the jackpot at Slots could make any player’s head spin, the difference with other slots is that the amount to play is in percentage always higher than classic slots but costing more to play, this also means having a lower percentage if you win. However, they are the only ones that allow in case of Jackpot big winnings!

Seventh trick to win at slots: Keep playing at least €200 here’s why

After testing dozens of slots we found that continuing to play at minimum amounts from 0.10€ per spin up to 0.50€ per spin up to 100€/200€ would almost always unlock free spins (which we recall are the bonuses that pay and multiply the winnings the most.

In many cases these free spins allowed high winnings, higher than the amount played up to that moment, in 3 out of 5 cases the trick works on almost all slots

Eighth trick for winning at slots: Wait for the bonus only this type of slot

Some slots have higher bonuses than others, always remember the importance of RTP which has fixed and controllable percentages for each slot.

You will have happened to see online or on youtube or twitch players who bet a lot and win a lot, this is because some slots are designed to make you bet more but give higher bonuses.

The basic idea is some slots are programmed to give out higher bonuses, these are usually the slots where you can only play with high or average amounts higher than classic slots, the patterns of these slots are more complicated.

The slots that give the highest bonuses are:

  • Treasure Ball you can find it on 888
  • Buffalo Chief, you can find it on starcasino

WMS games, unlock more frequent and better features for bonuses. They work like this:

  • Each spin, you bet more, with the hope of getting a bonus that will be stronger/more profitable than a base bet.
  •  Treasure Ball presents a separate bet just for the chance to get more bonuses. You can decide different possibilities and how much weight you want to give to the bonus.
  • Buffalo Chief by Aristocrat Proposes a net incremental increasing bet pattern between line bets.